Investing in Gold Coins: A Starter Guide

Gold CoinsThe simplest way to invest in gold is to buy either of two things: coins or ingots. Coins are preferred because it allows a buyer to remain flexible and be able to trade or sell as little or as much of his gold as he wants to. When a trader sells ten gold coins, it is also not as hard to liquidate as say, a full gold bullion. In the same way, it is also easier to buy ten gold coins at a time if you are trying to grow your investment slowly.

The main reason some individuals choose to buy bullion is if they are holding or managing a portfolio for other people. In some countries like the United States, workers who want to save up for their retirement are allowed to purchase gold or silver and add it to their portfolio. However, these people are not allowed to buy the gold or silver for themselves and they must have a third party or custodian to do this task for them.

What Kinds of Coins are Available?

There are many different kinds of gold that can be bought in the market. The American Eagle is one valued coin, as well as the Chinese Panda. Then there are the antique coins which are highly collectible and are traded by numismatics, or coin enthusiasts.

In the UK, gold coins are coin investments that are worth looking into, Atkinsons Bullion states. Some examples are the Gold Britannias, Gold Sovereign Coins, and the Gold Lunar coins, among others. These have all been minted at the British Royal Mint, both for circulation and commemorative purposes. Some of these coins have been around since 886, and their value has appreciated over time.

Of course, the value of Gold Coins UK depends on its condition. Coins which have no dents or depressions are obviously worth more than damaged ones. If you are looking to invest in coins, it is best to seek the help of a financial expert.