Junk the Junk Food off Your Kids’ Diet

junk foodJunk food is not called such for no reason at all. There is a long list of chronic conditions that result from eating too much junk food. It is important for parents to ensure the good health of their children by prioritising proper and healthy food choices.

Junking the Junk Food

More parents are choosing to feed their toddlers chocolates and crisps to manage feeding problems, and this has raised a concern among child nutritionists. Nutritional experts explain that junk food should never be part of a child’s diet, as it puts their health in great risk.

Nutritionists still recommend meals prepared using fresh produce and other nutritional ingredients. Home-cooked meals are still the wisest choice. Parents can consult dieticians about maximum level of calories, salt, sugar and fat intake; for parents pressed for time, however, taking the kids out at restaurants that serve healthy meals is a better option than feeding unhealthy snacks. In restaurants, chefs can prepare menus depending on the dietary requirements and feeding skills of the toddlers.

The Right Diet vs. Unhealthy Snacks

The latest government’s nutrition report shows that babies age 7 to 12 months must consume between 646 and 670 calories per day; 1 year old boys must get 765 calories, while girls need 717; 2 year old boys should consume 1004 calories, and girls 932.

Crunchie bar, which is one of the unhealthy snacks marketed for toddlers, has 185 calories. It exceeds the quarter of the 670 calories suggested for 7 to 12 month-old babies to consume. For children aged 5 to 10, the sugar in a Crunchie bar accounts for a third of the suggested sugar intake and a quarter of the saturated fat allowance.

Nuggets, which is also on the NHS’ list, contains 1.1 g of salt. It exceeds the 1 g limit recommended by nutritionists for toddlers. Frankfurter sausage, which was labelled by NHS as “easy to chew” is 15% of a toddler’s recommended intake of 670 calories.

Parents must be extra conscious of their kids’ food choices to ensure good health. The way to a healthy lifestyle starts with parents taking that one crucial step of making healthy decisions for their children.

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