Laser Improvements That Make a Difference

You may think laser technology is not cutting edge anymore, but you’re wrong. The latest applications of laser technology shape the future, helping with the management of Parkinson’s disease and even identifying chemicals instantaneously. Here’s what you missed on laser tech improvements:

Laser Hair Removal

Sure, many have already been enjoying laser hair removal in Utah and everywhere else, but with recent advancements, more people can choose to be hairless. Now, dark-skinned individuals with dark hairs on their body will not have to worry about the low contrast in color, which used to be a hurdle for a sizable chunk of the population.

Laser-equipped Shoes

This prototype is in the works to help with the management of Parkinson’s disease, a condition that affects the aging population. Laser-equipped shoes project a line that sufferers can focus on to get out of what is called gait freezing. This is currently still being refined so that the laser light will only be triggered when gait freeze is detected.

Laser Beam Internet

If there’s one thing Alphabet can do, it’s to use technology in innovative ways. One of their new projects is to deliver Internet access through what is called “free space optical communication.” Here, two light beams aimed at each other communicate through blinking. For shorter distances, LED can even be used.

Laser Chemical Sensor

One thing that’s always expected to be cutting edge, for the sake of every living person, is the healthcare industry. It’s one industry that benefits from laser sensors that identify traces of chemicals. The prototype can identify “single-fingerprint” quantities of chemicals and explosives, which makes it relevant in both the healthcare industry and the security industry. If they can perfect it to be smaller in size, its applications can reach more people due to the easy transport of the device.

If you think laser technology is old, think again. These innovations might just be what saves lives in the near future.