Like Riding a Bike: Motocross for Beginners

motocrossMotocross may be one of the more dangerous sports, but it’s precisely that adrenaline rush that drives interest in the sport. It’s why many people still want to learn how to ride despite the risks. Before anything else, however, you’ll need to learn the basics to keep safe:

Safety Gear

You’ll need to wear safety gears from head to toe to protect the body from serious injury. Look for local or online stores offering helmets, goggles, body armours, jerseys, gloves, and boots. Most of them carry reliable brands like Shift MX, O’Neal, and Torsten Hallman Original Racewear (THOR) for high quality and trusted gears.

Physically Fit

Motocross is a physically demanding sport, so your body should be fit and ready before riding the bike. Condition your body by doing squats and other exercises that involve the arms and thighs. This way, your body won’t be sore after riding the bike for the first time.

Motocross can burn up to 500 calories or more, so eating enough food and drinking plenty of water is also important. Avoid heavy meals before riding, though.

Proper Training

Riding a bike without proper training will only lead to accidents. Find an instructor who can teach you the basics, such as the proper throttle and clutch control, balance, and breaking. A good stance will also help soften landings and minimise shock from bumps, so you can ride smoothly despite the rough tracks.


Note that there’s a long way to go if you want to do the same stunts you see on television. Motocross is a racing sport, so you need to focus on maintaining your speed and balance before studying riding tricks. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll need a coach who can teach you how to jump and land safely.

Motocross is fun and exciting, but all these come with necessary precautions to prevent injury or even death. Find an instructor and buy high quality safety gear like Shift MX, O’Neal, THOR, and others to get a good start.