The Little Things That Can Make Your Web Design Stand Out

web designCreating a website that is visually pleasing, energetic, intuitive, and highly functional is a challenging task, especially for new web designers in the UK and elsewhere across the globe. There are so many elements to think about that you might forget some. If you are not adept in graphic design or lack the necessary skills, working with a professional web developer is in your best interest.

Here are some of the things that’ll help make your design effective and impressive:

Controlling Drop Shadows

Drop shadows give designs the depth needed to make an impact. You should be careful though, because poor execution can make your design look unprofessional and mediocre. Be subtle when putting drop shadows because you don’t want it to outshine the more important elements. Be smooth and consistent with the colours, position, and lighting source.

Consistent Alignment

Consistent alignment is necessary to make your design look sleek and professional. Make your design look organised and tidy by using white space when needed and aligning design elements properly. Grid systems that are available online can help you get this right.

Let Elements Shine

Think outside the box by making it so that the most important elements stand out. Grids make your whole design neat, but making some elements pop out of those webs can have a powerful impact. Titles, important images, and other details that need more attention can benefit from due prominence. This will also make the whole design more vibrant and dynamic.

Effective Call-to-Actions

Web design doesn’t end with how the website looks. You should also observe the content; especially words or phrases that need to stand out and be clear. Words work better than images for search buttons. For article navigation, using “older” and “newer” posts is better than simply putting next and previous. Call-to-actions should make a big impact, so be careful with your words.

Don’t limit your imagination when it comes to designing websites. Just make sure to apply the appropriate techniques where you think they can make the most impact. A clean yet memorable design will give your design the attention it deserves.