Location: The Best Foundation for a New Home

finding a new houseOnce you’ve decided to buy a new house, it is important to think about where you want it to be and what needs you have that it should fulfil. Your new home’s location will determine the value of your investment and many other aspects of your everyday life.

Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a location for your new home:


Pick a neighbourhood that is closest to your lifestyle and personality. The location should make you feel comfortable and safe. You should also choose a place that’s close to the places you frequently visit such as stores, schools, or your office. Look for a house and land package in an area where you see yourself living for a long time.


The setting for your new home will affect the level of peace and comfort you have. Other important factors include the land size, job opportunities, education options for your children, and proximity to establishments. Determine your needs first before deciding to buy a home and land in an urban, suburb, or rural area.

Safety Level

Safety is a top consideration in choosing a new home location. It is always better to pay more and live in a safe area than pay less and live in a neighborhood with a higher crime rate. It may also be more difficult to resell your home for a competitive price if it’s in a place that people tend to avoid.

Transport Links

Choose a location with a regular transport link. It is unhealthy and unsafe to be cut off from the rest of society. A nearby train or bus station will give you easier access to town; it can also have a positive effect on the value of the property. If you decide to live away from the city, however, make you sure that you have a car and can tolerate a longer journey to work or school.

Proximity to Friends and Family

A new house on a land that is close to family and friends is a great option so you don’t feel lonely. As friends and families may end up relocating at some point, however, make sure it is not your only reason for choosing a location.

Weigh your needs, budget, and personal preferences when choosing the most suitable location for your new home. House hunt and visit the area that appeals to you so you can get a feel of the community.