Looking Good Makes you Feel Good

There is a definite correlation between feeling great and looking good. Maybe this is why we are happy to invest in pampering ourselves, and maybe it’s also why we take such notice of other people’s looks. The human instinct at its most basic is to survive and reproduce, and so being sleek and well-groomed sends out a message of being clean and healthy – safe to hang out. Top of the list of looking safe and healthy is a good smile, which goes hand in hand with a healthy set of teeth.

When it comes to looking good, belonging to a great dental clinic in W1 should be of paramount importance. Having the right dentist can have a major influence on mental and physical well-being, and social interactions. It’s important to find a reputable practice with skilled dentists and friendly staff, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic.

It’s all connected

In terms of human anatomy, it is easy to see how what goes in the mouth affects the rest of the body. Air goes from the mouth into the lungs and food goes into the digestive system and then the bloodstream. In a good dental clinic in W1, the dentists know that poor oral health leads to poor health elsewhere in the body. Indeed, advanced gum disease has been linked to diabetes. High blood sugar levels increase the risk of gum disease and diabetes. Also, those gum disease-causing mouth bacteria love eating sugar. Bleeding gums are a common symptom of type 2 diabetes, and managing diabetes can also reduce the inflammation and bleeding of gum disease. Cutting out sugar brings both under control.

Although the links are not completely understood, about 91% of patients with heart disease also have bad gum disease. Scientists are working on a theory is that inflammation in the mouth is linked to inflammation in the blood vessels. Cutting out sugar also seems to make a big difference in reducing inflammation.

Other diseases that link to severe gum disease are rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and obesity.

The mouth and body are not separate, which is why it is important to visit the dental clinic in W1 for regular check-ups and to practice diligent oral care at home.