For the Love of Food: Quick Tips for the Perfect Wedding Menu

wedding receptionOne of the most important aspects of wedding preparation is planning the menu. It might not seem like it, but guests always look forward to amazing food, and other than celebrating the joyous occasion with you they also want to fill their bellies with great flavors.

The food should be an extension of your wedding décor, and getting it right is vital to the success of your special day. Here are some of tips to have your guests roaring for seconds with a scrumptious wedding meal:

Choose a Menu Theme

It’s important to tie the theme of your menu into the overall theme of your wedding. Picking a general theme before creating a menu will make things easier for you, and will help ensure that the dishes you choose really work together. Remember that the dishes will set the tone for the rest of the reception, so be sure to present a great combination of dishes.

Provide a menu list for your guests, so they know exactly what dishes you will be serving. You can find websites that provide services for customized menus, such as, to make sure it goes with the overall theme of your wedding.

Keep the Menu Light and Simple

Sometimes the simplest menu is more memorable than having a wide variety of choices. Instead of serving six courses, just stick to the traditional three-course menu. Also, instead of serving ten different appetizers, serve big sizes of sliced smoked salmon. Remember to K.I.S.S.—keep it simple, sweetie.

Avoid heavy foods and sauces because if your wedding guests feel bloated, chances are it will take a while to fill the dance floor. It’s a party, and you want them up and dancing.

Incorporate Entertainment

Food does not only please the palate, but the eyes as well. Presentation is just as important as the food itself. Consider hiring a sushi chef for an entertaining performance of slicing and rolling the ingredients, or a French pastry chef that can whip up fresh crepes while your guests watch and wait.

Do not let the menu keep you from having a great wedding. It is one of the most important elements of a wedding, so do not be afraid to allocate a big part of your budget for it.

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