Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Evaporative Home Cooling Systems

Evaporative Cooling SystemWhen talk revolves around evaporative air conditioning, Perth environmentalists get very excited. They have much to say about the benefits of this particular refrigerated system to our natural environment.

Whereas standard evaporative systems use up about 40% less power than other types of air conditioning, some products boast as much as 90% reduction in energy usage. Evaporative cooling is highly advisable in work environments such data centres, but it is also a great alternative to the usual residential AC systems available from local service providers, All Air Services says.

Are you deciding whether to invest in an evaporative cooling system? Here are some facts.

The Bigger Picture

Think about the merits of going for evaporative cooled air systems in terms of ‘the bigger picture’. Yes, you would pay lower energy bills from the moment you install a unit because it consumes less fossil fuel.

This means that if more people in your community will choose this system, then there’s no need to build more power stations. Moreover, if your unit is highly efficient, the carbon dioxide it generates is less than a tenth of the usual volume emitted by more traditional air conditioning systems.

Lastly, while refrigerated units make use of harmful refrigerants, evaporative air conditioning runs without these synthetic substances, which destroy critical parts of the Earth’s atmosphere.

For Your Comfort and Convenience

The innovative design of evaporative air conditioning offers your household an effective defence against the harsh Western Australian summer. The air you breathe is allergen-free, cool, and fresh 24/7. While this technology is relatively new, the available options are budget-friendly. In Perth, you are likely to find a capable supplier who offers a reasonable installation fee.

How do you like the idea of a low-cost, highly effective cooling system that lowers your carbon footprint considerably? State-of-the-art evaporative systems guarantee a fresh environment for all the occupants of the household at a fraction of the energy use of refrigerated systems.

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