Magnets Can Treat Some Migraines, Study Finds

A magnetic handheld device that sends brief pulses into the brain could transform the lives of thousands of migraine sufferers, new UK guidance advises.

Migraine relief

MigrainesThe treatment, known as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), is held behind a patient’s head and with the click of a button, it sends brief magnetic pulses into the brain, helping to disrupt the painful headaches.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence claims that despite limited clinical evidence, TMS may help ease symptoms in some patients.

Safety and efficacy

The organization says the procedure is still relatively new and that more data is still needed to prove its long-term efficacy and safety.

Although there’s no cure for migraine, it’s possible to prevent or lessen the severity of attacks.

NICE recommends a number of medications, such as acupuncture and now, TMS. It says patients and doctors might wish to try TMS, but they should be aware about the procedure’s uncertainties.