Maintenance Practices to Extend the Life of a Home Standby Generator

A House GeneratorStandby generators can be immensely useful. They act as a reserve power source that automatically provides energy when the main grid is out. These generators are helpful during thunderstorms, but you can also use them during summer.

When the heat becomes unbearable, air conditioning units work extra hard. Air conditioner repair companies such as state that all the extra work taxes the power grid and may cause a brownout. For these power outages, you will be happy to have a generator.

Stock Up on Supplies

Just like any other appliance or equipment you have in your home, you need to maintain your standby generator. Here are a few practices you can follow to ensure the long life of your generator. For one, before a thunderstorm or heat surge, you can stock up on oil and filters. This way, you have stocks readily available when your generator needs an oil and filter change.

Take Care during Refills

You need to exercise caution whenever you refill a fuel generator. With a recently used, hot generator, spilled gas can only mean disaster. You should wait for at least 15 minutes before you go out to add fuel to your generator. You can wear a headlamp as well to avoid spilling the gas.

Provide Fresh Gas

Your generator can run without a hitch using fresh, stabilized gas. Used gas, however, can cause problems in your generator. Once the storm season has passed, you can empty the fuel tank and carburetor dry. Once empty, you can pour in fresh fuel.

Ensure Safety and Security

You can be electrocuted by your generator if you are not careful. Thieves may also steal your valuable reserve energy source. For such problems, you must install a grounding rod and eye bolt near your generator. You can subsequently connect the generator to the rod, and secure the generator to the eye bolt, a metal chain, and a heavy-duty padlock.

With such practices, you can ensure the continued service of your home generator. You may also stay safe and keep your generator unit safe.