Make Your Family Bike Ride Memorable In 4 Easy Steps

A family bike ride is the best way to spend your time with your children, especially during the summer. That’s why planning it well is vital to ensure that everyone will have a good time, especially your kids.

Madsen Cycles shares some amazing tips to make your family bike ride memorable for years to come.

1. Properly maintain your bikes before the ride

It’s a great idea to maintain both yours and your kids’ bike before going for a ride.  Check if it has the proper tire pressure, a lubed chain, and functioning brakes. Ensure that your bikes are in a roadworthy condition before going to your bike ride.

2. Do some pedaling practices before you go

Kids can easily lose their confidence, especially during winter. So, try to let them get comfortable to braking, pedaling, and changing gear before you go. Remember that it takes a lot of practice before any person can get used to riding a bike. They can be a bit wobbly at first so try to boost their confidence little by little and encourage them along the way.

3. Check your kid’s bike if it’s still the right size

Expect that your kids can grow out of their bikes. So, before you take them for another bike ride, check if their bike still fits their size. You might be surprised at how much they’ve grown over the last year. Plan and see if they can still pedal without worrying about hitting their knees right on the handlebars.

4. Follow their pace

Carefully observe your kids and follow their pace. Not because they have a ton of energy doesn’t mean that they’re strong enough to ride 15 miles uphill. So, ensure that your family cycling activity is gentle enough for their age. You don’t want them to get injured in any way.

A family bike ride is one of the best outdoor activity that you can do with the whole family. Considering these tips can help ensure that everyone enjoys the trip and hopefully make the bike ride memorable.