What Makes Paint the Better Option?

new paint brushThe housing market has had a wonderful 2014 and delivered an impressive performance that made many homeowners and property investors happy and hopeful. Western Australia in particular has been busy of late as homeowners squeezed in year-end renovation projects, raising the value of Perth home makeovers to an all-time high.

Taking cues from positive 2015 forecasts, many homeowners are undertaking home ‘reno’ projects to give their homes New Year overhaul. A huge part of house renovation is improving house interiors and this often boils down to a very important decision: paint or wallpaper.

It really depends on your preferences, but there are certain advantages to paint that are worth considering.

Value for Money

It is generally cheaper to treat walls using paint compared to wallpaper. When it comes to decorating or renovating, you want to get your money’s worth, and using paint helps a lot in keeping you within budget. Wallpapers tend to cost more and require additional supplies for installation. With paint, however, you can save some extra money and allot it for professional painting services, such as those in Perth, especially if you are the type who is obsessed with quality and perfection.

Less Preparation Involved

Whether you are installing wallpaper or applying a fresh coat of paint on a bare wall, you will need to make sure that wall surfaces are smooth. When using wallpapers, though, you have to make additional preparations before installation to make sure that everything is laid out nicely. This becomes cumbersome when the walls are already painted. Preparing the walls for painting is less complicated and easier compared to when you are installing wallpaper. At most, all you need to do is check for uneven surfaces, make sure everything is ready, and paint away.

Easier to Replace

Little damages, scrapes, or tears on wallpapers can ruin what would be a perfect wall. When these flaws surface, it really becomes difficult to conceal them and your only option is to install new wallpapers. With paint, you do not have to deal with this dilemma. Imperfections and flaws are easily concealed by applying a fresh coat.

Using paint provides many advantages in terms of costs, preparation, and maintenance. If you are having a hard time choosing between the two, just remember, paint has always been the most popular treatment for many years for good reasons.

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