Marriage Celebrants: The 5 Questions to Ask Them

There are a lot of good events that happen throughout one’s life. One the biggest is a wedding. Now that you have a partner, someone you will marry, the next person to look for is who will marry the both of you.

There are many marriage celebrants in Sydney. Wedding expert A Timeless Love states that finding the right one can be quite tricky.

Make your search easier by asking the right questions to help make our evaluation easier.

Are you licensed?

The last thing you would want is to realise that your wedding is null and void because your celebrant has no license to officiate your wedding. Ask to see your celebrant’s license and other necessary files to make sure that he or she is authorised to wed you and your fiancé.

How many weddings have you performed?

The number of weddings performed throughout his whole career can give you a glimpse of his experience in the field. You may also ask previous clients for feedbacks to get to know your celebrant even more.

What are your payment terms and policies?

Be clear with the payment terms, how you will give it, and when you shall provide it. Also, be aware of its conditions and additional fees to expect (if any) so as not to be surprised come payment time. Have at least three quotes from different celebrants, so you have a standard point of comparison.

What do you think of our wedding ideas?

As the one getting married, you will definitely have ideas you would want to incorporate to make your wedding more personal. Share these ideas with your celebrant and ask for his or her opinion. After all, they are more knowledgeable in the field.

When do you need the paperwork?

Your celebrant is more than just your wedding host; they are also responsible for collecting and processing the necessary paperwork. Make sure you have this aspect all figured out before plunging on full fledge planning.

Make sure to ask these questions to make the whole search for a marriage celebrant a lot easier.