‘How I Met Your Mother’ Celebrates 200th Episode

How I Met Your Mother“How I Met Your Mother” celebrated its 200th episode with something completely different, and for avid fans, it was “legend—wait for it—dary!”

How Your Mother Met Me

The 200th episode of HIMYM, titled “How Your Mother Met Me,” was told from the perspective of the Mother, chronicling her journey over the past nine years that ultimately led her to Farhampton, where he met his husband-to-be Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor).

The episode was filled with tons of references to past episodes, making it a real treat for long-time fans who remember all of the references and the times they heard about the Mother but didn’t see her. However, it was the Mother’s emotional and tragedy-filled journey that gave real weight to this genuine celebration of 200 episodes.

Connections and References

Fans praised the episode as it did a good job in terms of honoring the past and connecting the dots from nine seasons and 200 episodes. The Mother’s story itself was extremely well done and moving, according to several critics.

Cristin Milioti’s performance, especially talking to Max and singing “La Vie en Rose,” was sensational.

For nine years, fans have been left wondering what kind of woman Ted will marry. The episode answered that question by allowing the viewers to fall in love with her first.

With this 200th episode, there are now only six new episodes left before the one-hour series finale.