Metal Roofs are Not Just Trendy, They are Classic

metal roofYou know why classics are called classics? Because they never wear out of style and function. Metals, for instance, are the classics of roofing. They provide not just style, but also the toughness all homeowners need for their roofs. In fact, 61% of homeowners have chosen metal roofs over any other material due to its longevity.

The Other Perks

But toughness is just part of the bigger picture. There are many amazing things that metal roofs have to offer. If you have just installed metal roofs for your home, be ready because you’re in for a good treat:

Eco Friendly

Metal roofs are generally made of 25% recyclable materials. Not only that, metal sheets in your roof are also 100% recyclable. Meaning, you will have the grace to save yourself from guilt by thinking that once you discard these sheets off your roof, they will be recycled and used in other ways.

Do you know that you can also earn money by selling your discarded metal roof for decent scrap metal prices? Perth scrap yards offer enough that selling your worn-out roof sheets will give you an opportunity to make a handsome amount of money.

Energy Saving

Unlike other roofing materials, metals are good heat reflectors. The more you reflect heat, the better the home cooling. In fact, metal roofing is 40% more energy-efficient than its equally trendy counterpart roof asphalt.

Visually Enticing

Metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colours. You will never find it hard to find a metal roof that would best suit the look that your home exterior is trying to achieve.

Solar Ready

Metal roofs are also the best place to install your solar panels. This means energy efficiency, tax cuts, and a cooler, more breathable world.

Metal roofs will never be a classic without these benefits. By choosing metal roofs, you are doing a favour not just for your pocket, but for the environment as well.

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