Mining: A Two-Edged Sword

Men miningMinerals and metals in materials humans use are products of mining. Mining is the process used in extracting minerals and metals buried beneath the Earth. These include copper, nickel, coal, gold and silver.

These minerals are important commodities because, without these, the world will lack the infrastructures necessary for human survival. These include construction, electronics, satellite communications, and power industries—all created because of mining.

Importance of Mining

Mining made lives of people much easier and better.  It led to the construction of roads and buildings, manufacture of appliances and gadgets, such as mobile phones and computers, and the creation of satellites that eased telecommunications and the Internet. It also improved the economy with a steady rise in foreign investments, bringing prosperity and financial stability to more people. In mineral-rich areas where mining sites are built, local townspeople are given jobs and a steady income to support their families.

Dangers of mining

Mining, however, can be considered a two-edged sword. While mining drives industry and sustains the livelihood of communities, there are risks and dangers mining workers face. Yes, fatal mishaps do happen in mines and these mining accidents occur underground.

These include methane explosions in mining sites, which is a result of the improper use of mining equipment. As poisonous methane is released when such accidents happen, miners are left trapped underground with no chance of survival.

Saving miners lives

But since mine shelters were invented, the probability of surviving such deadly accidents is high. If a mining site is equipped with an underground mining shelter, miners will have a safe, protected space to wait for their rescue—indeed an absolute necessity for all mining sites to have.

While mining can become a boon or bane to communities, well-maintained facilities and safety precautions should be in place to sustain the benefits it offers and avoid the risks it poses.