Mistakes You Should Avoid when Decorating Your Studio Apartment

Interior Design ArchitectureYou’ve finally moved into your own place, and it’s a charming little studio apartment. Now that you have a home that you can truly call your own, you have a free hand in decorating it any way you want.

Go crazy on style and expression, but if you want it to look good avoid these studio apartment design mistakes.

Styling it as one large bedroom

It’s a studio apartment and, small as it is, it’s tempting to design it as if it were one large room. After all, dividing it into sections might make it look even smaller.

However, there is something to be said about sectioning. For one, it’s a matter of conditioning. You shouldn’t treat your bed as your dining area or sleep on the rug by your door. There are ways to section your studio apartment without making it look claustrophobic. For example, a folding screen room divider from Singapore may set your sleeping quarters apart from the rest of the apartment. Rugs or carpets are effective for setting boundaries, too.

Buying huge furniture or appliances

That big sofa may be comfortable, but it will look out of place in your tiny apartment. Besides, you don’t want to hit your shin on its edges each time you walk through the door. Going minimalist with your furniture is the way to go if you have limited real estate.

Not using the walls

If you just can’t live without that 50” LED TV, make sure to use wall brackets instead of floor stands. Instead of buying bookshelves, have some built on the wall. Make it high enough that you don’t bump your head but low enough that you can reach for books without a footstool.


You don’t have space for all that china, so instead of collecting decorative items make sure your décor is more or less functional. Buy small items if you must have some décor like a flower vase. Otherwise, get décor that actually has a use, like properly built shelves for books, kitchen accessories, and the like.

A small studio apartment can feel bigger than it actually is. All you need is to figure out how to decorate it the right way.