Movie Studio Sues FileServe, Seeks $869,000 For Piracy Losses

Producers of independent film “American Cowslip” have sued file-hosting website FileServe for piracy, demanding $869,000 for damages.

‘FileServe is aware’

FileServe“FileServe is aware that its websites are being used as a vehicle to illegally copy and distribute large amounts of infringing materials. Because it charges membership fees for immediate access to the copyrighted materials stored on its servers, it is a distributor and seller of pirated materials,” said the movie makers’ complaint filed in a federal court in California.

The movie studio accused FileServe of different copyright-related offenses.

Producers of the film says piracy is the main reason their film did not hit it big in the box office.

Not the first time

This is not the first time FileServe has encountered a lawsuit regarding piracy and unauthorized sharing of infringed material. In the recent years, different pro-copyright and anti-piracy groups have pushed charges against multiple file-sharing sites and sought damages for allegedly lost profits from royalties and sales.