The Moving Checklist

movingMoving into a new house is exciting, but boxing up your entire possession is a daunting process. The road is always easier if you are travelling with a good map. Even if you hate making lists, now is a good time to draft one.

You can save a lot of time, effort and money if you can plan your move ahead of time. This handy moving checklist can help you make things easier:

  • Calendar – It is a project manager’s best friend. It allows you to envision every aspect of your move. Use a blank paper calendar or electronic calendar where you can put notes.
  • Notebook – Track all your arrangements, plans and notes. Use it as your checklist.
  • Packing materials – You need several boxes and strapping tapes to secure your possessions. There are some belongings not suitable in a box, but there is no need to worry. There are different packing materials, such as mattress covers for beds, bubble wrap for fragile items or butcher paper for glass items, to ensure a smoother transition from one place to another.
  • Moving truck – After packing your things, you need to determine the right size of the truck you need. They will take care of your things and some will even help you unpack. Hiring a moving truck can help you ease stress, but never forget to ask the rental rate.

Helpful moving tips

After placing your belongings in different Perth packing boxes, you may have determined the things that you will bring along with you and the things you will leave behind. There are other ways, however, you can work with the things you do not find useful anymore, such as:

  • Garage Sale – Others might find your unwanted items useful. Organise a garage sale; you can earn a lot of money from it instead of just throwing it.
  • Donate – If you prefer, you may donate unwanted clothes, furniture and other household materials to different charities.
  • Recycle – Recycle the items that cannot be donated, sold or gifted.

Packing the entire household materials, no matter how small or big, is a challenging task, especially if you have never done it before. Fortunately, you just need to arm yourself with the right materials to make sure the move goes smoothly.

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