Must-Have Equipment for Your Farm

The right farm equipment can mean the difference between a bountiful harvest and a not-so-amazing yield. Aside from guaranteeing a fruitful yield, these equipment also help in saving time and effort. Read on to find out what farm equipment any small or large-scale farmer in Australia should have in his collection.

Irrigation equipment

These include pumps, sprayers, sprinklers and tubing. Sprinklers can be fixed or portable. On the other hand, pumps help channel water from the main taps to whichever part of the farm where water is required. Alternatively, a watering can is also useful for your kitchen garden or flower garden.


Different seeders are built for different purposes and specific types of soil. Clay soil, for instance, would require a disc seeder. Types of disc seeders include double disc seeders, once–over and double disc drill. Each seeder works to enhance speed, accuracy and depth, respectively. A cultivator seeder alternatively uses an air stream through which the seed falls into the ground.


Tractors come in handy when there is a need to move heavy loads or to tow other machinery. They come in every form, shape and size. Want to draw or pull heavy loads around? Then the backhoe loader is what you are looking for. If you want to flatten an otherwise large and uneven piece of land, the compact utility tractor is your best bet. For tilling, cutting grass and fertilising on a smaller piece of land, the garden tractor is well capable of handling the job.

With the above farm equipment at your disposal, you are bound to have a smooth farming experience for many years. Built for precision, proper care and maintenance mean directing more effort towards farming. Agricultural equipment stores have numerous farm equipment in Australia. Be sure to perform a good deal of research before buying certain equipment to save time and money.