Must-Knows Before Riding the Rapids

Riding the RapidsGoing on Royal Gorge rafting trips is an exciting experience, the rapids taking you through breathtaking scenery as you paddle and try to hold on. However, before you go on a trip, the preparation is important because it reduces the risk of injuries and makes sure all of the participants are safe.


You will definitely get wet when you go on a rafting adventure; wear dry fit clothes or rash guard and cycling shorts, or any clothing that dries easily. Wearing such clothes makes it easier to dry yourself after a trip down the rapids. It also makes it easier to move when you fall into the water, compared to when you wear a cotton shirt and jeans. Try wearing aqua shoes instead of hiking or typical shoes, these dry faster and are easier to swim in when you fall into the water.


Just because the rapids are taking you on a ride, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any of the work. Paddling, turning and stopping require effort from everyone on the raft. Everyone must move in coordination to have a smooth trip. You need to be physically fit before you start your rafting adventure. Leg, back and arms training are some of the things you must think about because you will be using these muscle groups often. Cardiovascular training is also a must because of the tiring activity.


Bringing the right gear with you prevents accidents and makes it easier for you to handle the equipment properly. Check items out at specialty shops and discuss with the company you want to book a tour with to determine which things you need to buy or rent.

Rafting is an exhilarating activity that is fun to do with friends or family. Make new memories with each other and stay safe while you choose a trip.