When Natural Disasters Strike: How to Be Aware, Be Prepared

emergency food storageEarthquake, tornado, flood, and hurricane.

We all see them in movies, news, and television shows devastating big cities or small towns. Sure, you may have a couple of months or weeks to prepare for such situations, but you will never know when a disaster will strike.
If you think a disaster will not happen to you, your family, your town or your city, think again. Floods and fires are becoming more and more common, which can put you in financial distress. Have no worry. There are things you can do now. Let this article help you become prepared and aware.

Store Emergency Food Supply

Whether you are ready or not, disasters and emergencies strike. So, it’s advisable to have a well-stocked food supply. Myfoodstorage.com, a premier supplier of emergency storage kits, shares that a survival kit should have a long term freeze dried meat, dried fruit, and ready-to-eat meals. You should also have a pack of crackers, canned juices, and multivitamins. Have enough food and water on hand for at least three to five days.

Create a Survival Kit

It’s important to be prepared, which is why creating a plan is necessary. It’s a wise decision to figure out how you are going to survive and recover. Create a financial emergency kit that contains some cash and checks. While you are at it, you may also want to include important contacts and copies of insurance policies, wills, deeds, and birth and marriage certificates. Be sure to have flashlights, large candles, and extra batteries on hand to know updates.

Have Emergency Medical Books

Imagine there’s a tornado coming to your town, and one of your relatives has an injury. What would you do when help is hours away? During disasters, keep in mind that there can be medical emergencies and you can’t always depend on hospitals. This is the reason you should know how to handle injuries by yourself. Buying a medical book and having a first-aid kit is a smart move.

Natural disasters don’t just cause property damage, but may also cost some people their lives. This is the reason it’s essential to know what to do to survive and stay safe.

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