Nursing Homes are Caring Communities

inside a nursing homeNursing homes have been called many things over the years. The stigma against nursing homes is so strong that many view the institutions as anti-family, and a deprivation of an elderly’s rights. The place obtained a bad reputation that it did not deserve.

Community Care

Where did these accusations come from, and is there any truth to them? After all, rumors don’t start by themselves, and everything starts with some portion of truth. Though it’s unclear exactly when the public’s animosity with nursing homes began, there’s no question as to the where.

When people imagine a nursing home, they see a concrete block of a building with small windows, and people in white coats walking everywhere. It’s a depressing picture, but is it founded in reality? To answer that, a closer look at a real life nursing home or, more accurately, a nursing community is in order.

Industry says communities for senior living today are the latest incarnation of elderly care. These facilities represent a significant push towards a more positive image of caring for seniors. Just from looking at their grounds, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Legal Care

The outside is good, but what about the things that happens inside? While it’s difficult to discern internal operations of a nursing home without actually living there, people can gleam some light on the situation based on legislation. In 1987, the Nursing Home Reform Law mandated all such institutions to care for residents in a manner that promoted quality of life of residents, and ensured their dignity, choice, and self-determination.

There are certain things doctors and nurses can prohibit residents from doing for their own safety, but this shouldn’t encroach on their personal rights. For example, a resident can’t bring firearms into any institution or community. After all, communities need to ensure the safety of other residents, and they’d rather not risk an accident turning into a tragedy.

On the other side, if a resident wants to enjoy some entertainment, the staff needs to provide the necessary materials, as long as they don’t disturb other residents. As watching isn’t a crime, there’s very little argument for denying an elder such a request.

There’s little reason to believe that nursing communities are as bad as everyone paints it to be. This is true as many institutions are taking steps to get away from that kind of reputation.

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