Of Drones and the Future: Where UAV Technology Will Go

Aerial photographyConsumer-level UAVs are starting to veer away from being pricey toys for grown-ups. As the latest quadcopter reviews by SciAutonics.com indicate, manufacturers have begun making smart drones. Judging by the looks of it, machines of the future will have new features that go beyond photography and navigation.

This obvious trend begs one important question: what will happen to drone technology in the future? As with similar questions, speculation is the only thing we can do. So far, there are two key phenomena that come to mind:

Creation of Drone Laws

As things stand right now, there are a lot of policies to understand before you fly aerial photography drones. Seeing as it is a fairly new development, governments around the world have yet to provide regulations over the use of airspace.

A couple of months ago, the United States’ Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) released new guidelines over UAV use. These, however, are not yet as comprehensive as rules should be. It’s highly possible for the agency to adjust the rules further over time. If the guidelines don’t seem industry-friendly, there’s a good chance that UAV advocates will push for amendments.

More importantly, these regulations apply to the US only. The UK has some drone flying rules as well, although like the FAA’s, some changes may still happen along the way. Other countries have to follow suit with the regulations, too – and that will take some time.

Expansion into Other Industries

The real catch with drones, however, is its likely expansion into other sectors. After all, there are still many possible improvements with quadcopters. In the future, it will definitely take off from simply being a tool to capture photographs and video clips for artists, media outfits, and real estate agents.

UAVs will eventually find some or greater use in farming, delivery services, and healthcare. Of course, advancements in military-grade drones will also happen.

Of course, these are but speculations about where the technology is headed. Given the direction the sector is treading right now, though, these predictions have a high likelihood of happening.

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