Office Pantry Essentials to Satisfy Employees

Stress at the office can sometimes take a toll on employees, so having a comfortable pantry or break room is important. It’s a place where staff members can catch a break and grab a cup of coffee or some snacks while making small talk with colleagues. Keep your team happy and take care of them with a well-equipped pantry.

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The following is a list of essentials that every pantry must have; you may want to prioritise these items if you plan on setting up such a space in your office:


A refrigerator is a must, especially since most employees bring in food from home occasionally, if not every day. Without a refrigerator, food can spoil easily, especially if the air-conditioning system is unreliable. It is also useful so that employees can store bigger packs of juice, curd, milk, and other food items.


Refrigerators and microwaves go hand in hand. What good is food in the refrigerator if there’s no means of reheating it? More than just reheating, a microwave also allows employees to cook readymade snacks such as noodles and popcorn. Having one or two microwaves in the pantry is a good idea, especially if a sizeable number of employees share the space.

Vending Machines

Rent office coffee machines because some people are coffee junkies and constantly need a fresh brew to keep themselves functioning well. A vending machine for refreshing beverages such as tea, soda, and juice are also a must. Lastly, a machine for snacks such as biscuits and crisps should be there to satisfy small cravings.

Water Dispenser

Placing a hot and cool water dispenser is another necessity. Alkaline water is getting attention these days because of its health benefits, so you can provide that. Contact a trusted water supplier and have scheduled maintenance to make sure the drinking water is safe.


Don’t forget wash areas for employees to clean their utensils and wash their hands. Segregated trash bins are also important. You might also want to put up a notice board filled with posters, slogans, and motivational quotes. You can put up announcements on it, too.

If your employees are happy, then everything else will follow. Take good care of them and they will take good care of your business. It’s a win-win situation!