One of the Top Reasons Your Garage Door No Longer Opens

Although all doors in your home play important roles in terms of providing entry and exit ways, privacy, and security, your garage door is the one you shouldn’t delay having the issues fixed. Compared with the other doors in your house, a broken garage door poses the greatest safety and security threats.

The question is, what could happen in your Philadelphia, PA home for you to need garage door repair services? There are many possible causes for a garage door to malfunction, but one of the most common involves problems arising from the door’s photo eye.

Photo eye 101

Majority of the garage doors manufactured in the last couple of decades came with a photo eye designed to detect if someone or something is within the space they’d occupy if they were to close. For most doors, you’ll find this pea-sized part located about four to six inches off of the ground. When a person or object interrupts the laser it emits, the door either won’t open or close.

When blockages or damages occur

In many cases, problems arising from the photo eye are minor matters of obstruction. It’s also entirely possible that dirt and dust could just have accumulated on the eye, resulting in it can no longer shoot the laser light.

Note though, that it’s possible for these components to sustain damages from leaks or rainstorms, and in this case, you’d most likely have to replace the part already.

Basic troubleshooting

Before you contact a garage door repair technician, it pays to carry out some troubleshooting steps first. And the first thing on your list is to make sure the entire area the laser covers remain clear and unobstructed. Aside from clearing this space, thoroughly clean the eye itself with a lint-free cloth or tissue to get rid of dust or dirt accumulation. Lastly, ensure that the cord remains connected to the eye and is still in good condition.