Painting 101: Preventing Common Paint Problems

paint cansImproper application and the wrong choice of painting materials can all lead to interior paint issues. Apart from ruining the look of your house, paint problems will force you to shell more money as well to fix the problem. Professional painters at Global Decorating shares a few tips on avoiding common paint problems and mistakes.


Paint bubbles or blisters are due to lack of adhesion between the underlying surface and paint film. The loss or lack of adhesion is usually due to moisture, heat, or combination of both. To prevent the paint from bubbling, always make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Professional painters in Perth advise to avoid painting in hot and humid conditions.


This occurs when the gloss of paint film increases when subjected to scrubbing or rubbing. Frequent spot cleaning of walls and washing with abrasive cleaners can lead to paint blistering as well. You can avoid this problem by using a high quality latex paint on heavy-wear areas. Make sure to keep furniture and other household items from rubbing against the painted wall.


Paint blocking or sticking is a result of two freshly painted surfaces sticking when pressed together. When removed, the affected area may show paint peeling or transfer. This may occur if you use low quality gloss paint or you did not allow sufficient dry time for the coating before closing doors. Keep this from happening by using quality acrylic latex paint and following the paint instructions about dry times.


Dry paint can flake or crack because improper application or aging. While flaking or cracking may start small, they can deteriorate over time if not addressed quickly. To fix cracked paint, remove the loose paint with scraper, sand the surface, and repaint the area. Use a quality primer and coat to prevent recurrence.

Use these tips to correct common interior paint problems and mistakes. Follow the proper paint application and practices or work with reliable painters to ensure a quality paint job.