Party Revolution: Spread Buzz About Your Next Event

ConcertGone are the days when event organizers give away paper handouts, send email blasts, or even pay foran advertorial on a newspaper. These ways are expensive, wasteful, and dated; with the advent of apps and websites, marketing your event is easier and faster.

Push and Pull Effect

Free event websites provider, cites that using mobile apps pushes your event and gain immediatefeedback from attendees.

If you are targeting millennials and the twenty-somethings, using an app appeals to their tech savvy lifestyle. They are most likely browsing their tablets or smartphones looking for fun things to do. By creating an app for your event, you create buzz around it and get a response in a few hours. An engaging and enticing mobile app spreads like wildfire.

Feedback is important to determine the success of an event; many attendees do not make for a successful party, it’s how they respond to it. With a mobile app, you get positive or negative responses in real time.

In-app polls empower your attendees to share their feelings or opinions about the event whenever they want. This helps you set expectations and understand the reaction of event goers.

Using apps have their advantages; these trends in mobile event apps will help you plan your next party.

Staying Connected

Event websites and apps allow people to stay connected and updated about the party and its organizers. You can easily inform party goers about changes onthe venue, flow, start and end times, emcees, or other information to get them excited about the upcoming event.

Create a Network

After downloading, your mobile app lets attendees use integrated social media and networking tools to engage and create relationships with others before, during, and after your party. As app users expand their network, they will continue to use it long after the event.

Fast and Real Time Content

Mobile apps deliver updates in real-time, empower organizers with fast access to all participants ensuring that they get the latest resources and information about the event.

This is important to the success of an event in today’s fast-paced world. People want instantaneous information with a click of the tablet or smartphone. The speed at which you deliver content makes or breaks a party.

Using a mobile app is advantageous for you because of the benefits it provides, such as real-time delivery, engaging an audience, and staying connected with fellow organizers and attendees.

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