The Perfect Additions to Your Pool Area

Pool AreaHomeowners spend a lot of time decorating their homes from the living room to the bathroom. But not everyone pays attention to what happens outside, especially in the pool area. Although there is beauty in simplicity, a plain pool area looks like a typical Australian home with a swimming pool – that’s it.

When it comes to swimming pools, there is no zest to the area without the right additions. So, to spice things up a little, explore adding a few things to make it more charming.


Ask any professional pool builder in Brisbane and they will agree that simple light fixtures can transform the ambiance of your pool area. Normally, you have two options for this: place lamps in the area or light up the pool from within. Of course, the best solution to this is a good mix of the two options.


Some shades of green in the pool area will give it a different colour for a more interesting view. Do note that not all plants grow well near pools, though. You want bushes and shrubs that do not drop a lot of leaves and look lush at the same time. Hibiscus, agapanthus, and fortnight lily are viable options for poolside plants.


Indulge your artsy side with sculptures in the pool area. When you want to go the classy route, this is the perfect addition for you. Ceramic sculptures – when paired with plants and lights – create a distinct ambiance that shows your true artistry and creativity. You can also add a twist to the sculptures and turn them into fountains.


The addition of a tub will be a big change to your pool area, but that change is for the better. A hot tub would make the area usable all year round, plus it makes gatherings with friends more interesting. Of course, this could be a costly investment, so make sure you have the budget if you want to add this feature in your home.


Go bold with a waterfall effect around your pool. There are many ways to pull this off, from adding a few rocks to installing automated systems. With this addition, you cannot go wrong, because everybody loves a waterfall in a pool.

Transform your pool area from a rectangular pit with water to a resort-like spot you will enjoy all-year round. Include some or all of these additions to the design and it will surely improve the visual appeal of your home.

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