Planning that Budget-friendly Vacation: 4 Things to Do in Utah

Zion National ParkSometimes your best memories are when you do the simple things, either alone or with your loved ones. There are so many activities to try, especially if you love adventure and travelling. If you’re worrying about empty pockets or a tight budget, but you’ve always loved travelling, go to Utah.

Visit the Zion National Park for Free

Watch out for the free entrance days to Zion National Park. Grab the opportunity to sightsee and explore one of America’s finest national parks.

The said park offers a scenic view, more than 200 bird species for watchers, easy to lengthy trails, challenging hikes through canyons, and many more. If your trip doesn’t coincide with the park’s free entrance schedules, hotels like have packages that include the visit.

Go Museum Hopping

Utah has so many museums, from art galleries to science museums. It’s a fun idea to go see different galleries and collections, especially when you’re with your friends or family. The Rosenbrunch Wildlife Museum has details on the admission price and schedule of events on their website.

Head over to Squaw Peak

Squaw Peak is the perfect spot for sightseeing and relaxing, especially on a summer night. It’s been a famous spot for locals because of the great view overlooking the valley. You enjoy the quiet and relaxing ambience as well.

Enjoy Festivals in St. George

There are so many events happening in St. George and if you would like to witness some of those, watch out for the dates. Festivals happen almost every month. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try the local cuisine.

You see, there are lots of fun things you can do on a budget. All you have to do is discover these stunning locations and have the best travelling experience, ever.

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