Polyester vs. Steel: A Guide to Strapping Tools

Businesses that have done some strapping understand the importance of using good tools. They know that operating with obsolete equipment or tools meant for other applications could risk a company losing thousands in resources and productivity.

Finding the proper equipment or using a different kind of strapping tool is more than necessary. Although, you would have to determine which is perfect for your business’ usage by focusing on the sizes and types available.

Polyester Strapping Tools

Industry experts have discovered that the majority of businesses that use steel strapping are unaware that there is a more affordable and safer kind of strapping. Despite hearing the benefits of plastic or polyester strapping, they still hesitate whether it is too good to be true.

Polyester is not only versatile, but it is strong, too. Some types of machinery and tools work even better when employees use plastic strapping instead. It will be easier and safer for them compared with steel.

For instance, Signode BXT2 is a handheld tool for plastic strapping that makes the entire process easy. Your employees can even pick which operation works best. Their choices range from automatic and semi-automatic to manual.

Apart from that, some massive strapping machines will even feed the strap and do the majority of the tasks on your employees’ behalf. Examples of this include the Polychem PC1000 or Signode HBX-4300. Efficient and cost-effective, these machines will alter your overall business operations.

Steel Strapping Tools

If you do intend to opt for steel strapping, you have two essential things you must keep in mind. First, you cannot utilise cheap steel strapping for it can be harmful to your employees who are handling the strapping responsibilities. Second, quality should be another priority.

If your old tools are made mostly manually, better switch to battery-powered steel strapping toolsThis can be best for your overall productivity.

For those who are not confident with their decision, you can also refer to a professional in the industry to help you choose. They will examine the process and tools you’re using to determine the ideal one for you.