Practical Design Tricks that Drive More Foot Traffic in Your Store

Entrepreneurial growth happens more rapidly when you know how to direct foot traffic in your store. Although this seems like a lost art, it still holds great value for businesses that aim to sell more and grow more.


To harness more foot traffic in your store, consider using these techniques:

Use science in store design

Around 70-90% of the world’s population is right-handed. This has a certain impact on your store, too. Most people who use their right hand for most activities are almost always right-sided through and through. This means that most people are right-footed, right-eared, and right-eyed.

You can use this information to update your store’s floor plan. In principle, most of your customers will look right when they enter your store. This is why you should have something attractive in that area. Redecorate shelves and display your best selling products in this location to attract more attention. The focal point alone can go a long way in increasing store traffic.

Find balance

You should balance two things for better store appeal: the density of people and merchandise in different areas. Your store must be inviting enough for customers to come in and linger and spacious enough to avoid traffic jams. To do this, you have to find balance with where you put what.

You have to put the bulk of your merchandise at the rear side of the store and maintain a small selection of attractive items that can lure people into coming inside and taking a look.

Analyze hard figures

We are all aware that good floor plan attracts more people into going inside your store, but how exactly do you know if you’re on the right track with the changes you’ll implement? You must have an empirical way of measuring how effective your store layout is and how certain changes influence your business’s performance. For this, consider using high-tech wireless people counters to check the effect of your store’s floor plan based on the number of people who took a peek and went inside.

There are other factors that drive foot traffic other than grand sale days and exceptional customer service. When you know how to create the right layout for your store, you can increase your brand’s visibility and, in effect, increase your ROI.

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