Pre-anesthesia Consultation: Helping Patients Reduce Stress and Anxiety

For many patients, knowing that they will be receiving anesthesia during a procedure can cause stress and anxiety. If you’re offering surgeries that require the use of anesthetics, think about developing anesthesia management solutions that can increase patient safety in your clinic.

Here are some benefits of incorporating anesthesia management and services in your practice:

Improves Quality of Care

Stressed and afraidPre-anesthesia consultation gives the surgical team the chance to identify problems, which may affect perioperative care. Furthermore, the consultation is a good opportunity for health care professionals to evaluate the patient’s medical history and modify anesthetic care accordingly. By understanding the patient’s background and current health status, your clinic can create a better treatment plan, which may reduce risks and complications.

Develops Better Patient Relationships

Anesthesia management techniques, such as a pre-anesthesia consultation, allow anesthesiologists to create good relationships with their patients. When patients trust the entire surgical team, they tend to be more willing to follow the doctors’ orders and recommendations.

Part of a pre-operative procedure is discussing the type of anesthesia your team is going to use on the patient. When meeting with patients, don’t forget to ask them about their feelings on receiving anesthetics. Giving them the chance to voice out their concerns will help you determine if the type of anesthesia you plan to use is right for them or if you need to find an alternative. To reduce anxiety and elicit trust, inform your patients of what to expect once you’ve administered the anesthetic. Will they shiver and feel numb, woozy, and cold?

Fosters Collaboration

Pre-anesthesia consultation fosters collaboration among all the members of the health care team involved in the care of your patient. It gives them the chance to streamline procedures from pre-operative to post-operative care, and make sure the team addresses all known risks.

Anesthesia management is an essential part of a patient’s health care plan. Increase patient satisfaction and reduce operating room costs by consulting specialists who can help your clinic develop effective anesthesia management solutions.