Recruitment Agency Fees: The Basics You Need to Know

Some companies need to outsource HGV drivers from a recruitment agency. Among their significant concerns is the cost that the company is likely to incur. Your budget will determine your choice of the right recruitment firm.

However, if you are considering hiring a recruitment agency, you should understand the different agency fees, to help in the planning process. These charges refer to the amount of money you will pay the recruitment agency when getting a contract with them, and they fall into three main categories:

Temporary Fees

Temporary fees apply for every temporary worker, and they comprise a small percentage of the salary. Temporary recruitment charges depend on the job, role, industry, and location.

Permanent Fees

Permanent fees are applicable when you are looking for employees to take up a continuous role. The agency charges a flat fee for placing the candidate on your behalf.

Temporary to Permanent Fees

Sometimes an agency may get you temporary HGV drivers, but from the quality of service that they offer, you want to keep them. So, after the temporary contract lapses, you have the employees in a permanent job position. In such a case, the recruitment agency charges you a temporary-to-permanent fee. The fee, however, varies and is mainly for the loss of the value of that worker.

Hiring a recruitment agency will cost you, but the rates are not constant. Shop around for a recruitment agency and compare the fees that they charge. A cheap deal might not be the worst deal, and the most expensive deal might not be the best deal. If you have a reasonable amount of work, you can negotiate the fees, but that will require you to understand the terms and conditions set by the agency.