Residential Fencing Guidelines: What to Consider Before Bordering Your Property

Residential FencingProtecting your home is important. But you cannot just go build a castle wall around it to shield yourself from harm. You can practically do this if you live in an isolated area and you have no neighbours or they are quite far from the borders of your property. Fencing laws relatively involve you and your neighbours.

Basically, the limitations on residential fencing depend on the local ordinances implied in each city or county. Plus, the fencing designs and materials people use also vary, as mentioned by industry specialists Boardwalk. Before you start covering your borders, it is advisable to know if your plan would be viable.

Height Limit

The height limit differs from one to the other, but the most common measurement would be about four feet in the front yard and six feet around the back. A few local ordinances, meanwhile, can be specific with things like natural fences or bushes and trees that you did not plant intentionally.

These ordinances are not absolute; if the fence was already built even before the laws on the matter were passed, you are not subject to any violation. If you need to put up a new fence, you have to conform to it. Authorities can grant exceptions, though, depending on certain cases.


Boundary fences, or the fence that stands between and separates two properties, can be quite confusing in terms of ownership and responsibility. Most laws say that this type fence is basically owned by both homeowners if they are using it, unless a prior agreement has been made by both parties.

If you have a boundary fence and the law states that you are a co-owner of it, you are responsible in maintaining it keeping its wellness. In case it needs repair, both you and your neighbour must shoulder an equal share of the costs. You can legally sue your neighbour if you find any neglect in duty.


As for the appearance of the fence, the majority of the places do not regulate it. You can install a fence that is entirely different from the whole neighbourhood. No matter how unorthodox its looks may be, you have the right to choose what design or style it may be as long as you follow the height limits.

Before giving your fence a personal touch, make sure you follow the specific guidelines implemented in your community. Rules are rules, and you should follow it accordingly.

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