Safety First: Promoting Electrical Safety and Awareness In Your Home

Around 350,000 people suffer from injury each year due to the mishandling of electrical installations at home. If you don’t observe safety regulations and exercise caution, you can be in danger when handling electrical systems without proper guidance and equipment.

Electrical wiring dysfunction leads to about 20,000 house fires annually, so you would want to promote electrical safety and awareness among members of the household.

When injury occurs

Electrical current flows from a source to the intended receiver or user, and the loop should be unbroken. Electricity takes the path of least resistance. The human body is a conductor of electricity like most metals. When someone becomes part of the path or loop where electric current flows, they may be injured in the process. Injury occurs when people forget that every electrical system has the potential to cause serious harm.

The dangers of electricity

Thermal burns from direct contact of flow of electrical current can be so bad that a person would require grafts, or lose viable tissue such as muscle or skin. Aside from burns due to electrocution, direct contact with exposed circuit parts or conductors where electricity flows dynamically may lead to a fatal consequence. Electricity becomes fatal when the current interferes with the signals governing heartbeat and breathing.

Keeping children safe

Children are the most vulnerable to the dangers of electricity. You cannot rely on socket covers, so ensure that electrical outlets and appliance cords are not within the reach of children. In addition, always turn off appliances when they are not in use.

Plug-in RCD protection is necessary when there are small children in the house. Ask a residential electrician in Wellington to form more information about RCD protection.

Lastly, your home will remain a safe haven if you defer all electrical issues to professionals. You may have the equipment to conduct electrical repairs, but do not attempt DIY jobs on electrical systems even if you feel you know what to do.