Second Suspected U.S. Spy Found In Germany

spyingOnly days after the arrest of a suspected CIA informant in the German foreign intelligence agency, a second suspected U.S. spy has been found in the defense ministry.

German citizens and politicians were outraged at the news that a second possible U.S. spy was found in the German government, just days after the arrest of a  suspected CIA informant from the foreign intelligence agency. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition partners said that Washington should remove any U.S. embassy staff involved, and cease spying on its ally.

Search conducted, but no arrests

Public prosecutors confirmed that the home and office of a defense ministry employee was searched on Wednesday morning, but no arrests have been made. Evidence, including computers and data storage devices, were seized for analysis.

Further blow to relations between the two countries

This news comes just several days after a member of the German intelligence agency BND confessed to working with the CIA, having been passed more than 200 confidential files to a contact. The scandal gave insight into ho the U.S. recruits foreign agents. The staffer allegedly established contact with the CIA through the US embassy, and was given a laptop to keep in touch with the agency on a weekly basis.

U.S. attempts at damage control

A german politician warned that trust in America’s alliance with Germany could “collapse completely”. U.S. officials are reportedly attempting to control the diplomatic fallout, with the CIA’s head, John Brennan, reportedly calling Angela Merkel in the wake of the latest scandal.

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