Shoulder Arthroscopy: 5 Aftercare Tips for Patients

Going through surgery, whether a major or a minor one, can be stressful for any patient. You cannot simply go ahead and get back to your usual life, as there are steps you need to follow after surgery.

Having your shoulder repaired and undergoing a shoulder arthroscopy in Utah County, for instance, can affect your daily routines. By following the aftercare tips below, your shoulders may heal faster so you could get back on your feet in no time.

Take Your Medicines Religiously

Take note of all your medicines and make sure to take every single one of them at the time your doctor prescribed. It would also be beneficial to know their side effects. If you’re experiencing some of them (and others that you think are not normal), let your doctor know.

Attend Follow-up Medical Checkups

You need to return to have your stitches removed and your shoulder wound checked. There can also be instances when you need to have home services, continuing care, and succeeding treatments. Ask your caregiver and your doctor about these to make sure you’re on the right track.

Avoid Doing Heavy Activities

After surgery and during healing, it’s important to steer clear of doing hard activities, such as pulling, pushing, and lifting. Playing hard or contact sports is also a big no-no. Ask your doctor when you can get back to these activities and wait for their clearance until you start doing them again.

Do Some Light Exercises

You can either stay at home and do light exercises yourself, or you can hire the services of a physical therapist. Your doctor should approve the exercises and therapy you’re planning to do.

Wear Your Arm Sling or Brace

If your doctor advised you to wear an arm sling or a brace after surgery, then go ahead and do just that. These things will keep you from hurting your shoulders further and will make the healing process faster.

You’ll be up on your feet soon, you only have to be patient and follow your doctor’s advice.