Simple Hacks to Extend the Life of Your Washer and Dryer

Washing MachineOver time, washing machines and dryers have become sophisticated appliances that come with numerous useful features. They have also become bigger and more expensive. Unfortunately, the breakage rate for washers and dryers is still high. For the machines to last, you have to take good care of them.

Here are useful hacks that can help extend the life of your appliances: 

1. Neither Overload nor Under-load Your Washer

If you overstuff your washer with clothes, you will add strain on its motor, belts and transmission. Conversely, under-loading it not only leads to water and energy wastage but it can also cause off-balance cycles which can put undue strain on the machine’s drive components. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended fill capacity.

2. Level Your Washer

A vibrating washer can cause damage to itself and objects around it. Adjust the front leveling legs to the proper height and then tighten the lock nut against the machine’s body. 

3. Use a Surge Protector

Plugging your washer directly to into the power supply is hazardous. Use a surge protector to protect the machine’s electric circuit boards.

4. Clean the Washing Machine’s Exterior

Wipe dust and spilt laundry products from the exterior of the washer. And don’t forget to clean the gasket and the doors.

5. Check the Dryer’s Lint Filter

To allow free flow of air in the dryer, remove lint from its filter after each use.

6. Check the Dryer’s Exhaust Duct

Make sure to remove lint from the exhaust duct regularly. Clean the duct annually to avert clogging and fires. Also, replace plastic or foil ducts as they can sag and allow lint build-up.

7. Appliance Repairs

Repair is an essential element of maintenance, says Appliance Guy. If your washing machine breaks down, make sure to consult an experienced appliance repair technician. Understand what you can fix on your own and when to get professional help.

Taking good care of your washer and dryer will not just extend their life. You will also have efficient appliances which don’t hurt your wallet and your health. You will save on repairs, and you won’t need to replace so soon. Your washing machine will also not cause fires or expose you to poisonous gasses.