Small Changes that Result in a More Productive Workplace

Productive WorkplaceYou can have the brightest minds in your office, and they could be receiving the highest salaries for their respective pay grades, but if you’re not treating them right, their productivity will still take a nosedive. That means your business in Florida is not getting full use of its employees’ potential.

But what can you do? Try improving these three aspects and see the results:


When your employees can barely see anything, they’ll find it hard to accomplish their tasks. However, having all the lights in full brightness is not the solution. You need a happy middle – a combination of commercial lighting and natural lighting that showers the room with plenty of light that does not hurt the eyes. Now’s also the time to mention that you need blinds to cover excess sunlight streaming through your full-length glass windows.


No one will be able to concentrate if they’re sweating like crazy; however, if they’re freezing to death, it’s also impossible to do anything. Your workplace should have the right temperature settings, and no one should be seated directly under the air vents. They could be more prone to sicknesses if they receive the cold blast of air for nine hours every workday. To implement some cost-saving measures as well, you could have a schedule of when the heating and cooling system will be turned on and off.


The overall comfort of your employees plays a part in their productivity. Adding some potted plants around the office is one way of making it more livable and productive. Thinking of banning music in the office? Think again. Some people are more productive when listening to their favorite tunes. The floor plan of the office should also make it easy for collaborators to talk to each other, to make their jobs easier to accomplish.

You don’t need any groundbreaking changes in the office just to improve productivity. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the big difference.