Smart Ways to Incorporate Mirrors in Your Decor

Interior DesignMirrors are an interior designer’s best friend and often a staple in bedrooms and bathrooms, along with glass screens and other home fixtures. However, a mirror that is well-placed can lend a small room a more open feeling, give it a little spark, and even brighten the room. The key to the effective use of mirrors in your home is finding the right location for the right mirror so that it would maximise its décor potential.

Depth and Space

One way to creatively maximise mirrors is to use large ones in tiny rooms. Big wall mirrors give the illusion of depth and bigger space and can reflect natural light to help brighten the room. Mirrors help accentuate furniture, making them look prominent and purposeful. You can also put large mirrors in entryways, dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms to draw the eye upward and even allow for softer lighting.

You can use horizontal and narrow mirrors to widen narrow stairways or hallways. This creates a smoother flow from one room to another, and the mirror would act to widen the space. It also keeps the place seem less gloomy and cramped. Additionally, you can add a fake window by either adding a mirror between two windows or across a window to reflect outside scenery and light.

Grouping Small Mirrors Together

If a large mirror is over your budget, you can try grouping smaller mirrors and place them on the wall. Make sure to paint the frames of the mirrors in the same colour and mount them in an organised manner to avoid making the wall cluttered. It can act as a focal point in the room and is a more budget-friendly option that purchasing larger mirrors.

Don’t go overboard with it, however. Limit the use of mirrors in the kitchen and bedroom, and don’t just place them anywhere around the house. Make sure that the mirrors are placed strategically to reflect a pleasant view or to enhance lighting. Don’t just put up a mirror in an empty space if it does not serve any purpose.

Ecotech Glass says that like glass shower screens, mirrors are a staple in bathrooms, but using them in other places can add more flair to your home. Incorporating mirrors in different areas of your home can help enhance it and add space to a small room. You can even make it an accent piece and make the room brighter using natural light.

Add more oomph to your home by using mirrors creatively.