The Sound of Truth: Helping Others Cope with Hearing Loss

man conducting an ear check upHearing loss can cause feelings of isolation. When left untreated, this impairment can affect relationships and impact quality of life.

Hearing impairments are something you shouldn’t ignore. Just because a hearing-impaired family member looks perfectly fine physically doesn’t mean they don’t need special care. Giving care doesn’t stop at helping them find the best hearing aid company or just supporting their actions. Part of it is eliminating guilt, frustrations, and other negative sentiments.

Here’s how to do it.

Acknowledge it

You have to accept the fact that things have changed. If you don’t acknowledge that one of your family members have problems with hearing, you may not get their attention before starting a conversation or trying to talk about something important while crossing a busy and noisy road. Such attitudes can put a strain on relationships. Don’t be inconsiderate. Talk to them the right way and boost their confidence.

Make it look like everything is normal

While helping them find a hearing aid company or assisting them when crossing the street is ideal, don’t make your help absolute. You will only make things worse if you keep showing them special treatment. This may also make them feel they’re inadequate. Know how often the affected family member needs help or let them do their own thing to make them feel like everything is normal.

Be patient

You won’t establish good communication habits if you’re not patient with your affected family member. Even when you are working hard on mending the ruined communication, accept the fact that miscommunication is inevitable. Do your best to laugh it off, instead of letting annoyance to take over.

There’s always something to laugh about

No family relationships are perfect, but the family members who can work through these issues together – and work on negative effects – are the most successful. You may get annoyed and shout at each other, but don’t take the issue seriously. There’s always something to laugh about.