The Success of Virtual Offices: Why You Should Follow The Trend

virtual assistantIn the United States, an OBCAI financial study showed that virtual office revenues have recorded nearly 7% of total returns of high profit business earners. Some business centers even exceeded 10% of the total revenues without increasing operation expenses. This creates a significant impact in the business industry, focusing on the success of virtual offices.

With the rise of virtual companies, the industry demands more attention and followers. Their success, however, is not because of the decreasing costs in physical offices, but of the modernizing office cultures.

Opportunities for Work-Life Blend

An increasing number of executives are realizing the value of their time. More often than not, they now want to blend their work and personal activities. Of course, their businesses are still important for them, but this flexible scheme allows them to enjoy the work-life blend.

During vacations, you can work while spending quality time with your family. You don’t need to be at the office for more than 9 hours each day, as you can bring your office files almost anywhere. You can even hire personal virtual assistant to manage the operations while you’re in a business trip or on holiday.

Decentralizing work operations

Some experts compare the current virtual office trend to the transition from monarchies to democracies. Your work operations are more decentralized, toppling over the work hierarchy. You can depend on the variety of skills and talents of your virtual workers, allowing them to work on their areas of expertise.

Declining Costs of Communication

Virtual offices thrive on low-cost communication methods. You can simply setup a chat room for your employees in messaging applications, such as Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. You can immediately proceed with business matters as soon as they’re online. You can also leave them a message, which they can read when they log on to their accounts.

File distribution is also possible with a strong Internet connection. You can attach your note to the specific files that your virtual assistant needs.

Simply put, the virtual office trend increases business productivity without neglecting other life opportunities. It enables executives to focus on the business core while reducing infrastructure and overhead costs. With these new work mechanisms, the virtual office gains a stronger market influence and contributes to the overall revenues of the business industry.

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