The “Superneutral”: 4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Boring Neutral Palette

palette paintHave you ever tried a neutral colour palette for your home, only to end up with a room that is a lifeless sea of white or beige? A room that is nothing more than a complete snooze?

There is nothing wrong with choosing a neutral palette, really—in fact, they rarely go out of style and they are very versatile. You only need the right amount of colour, texture, and patterns to make the room exciting and well balanced even with the all-too-boring beige, whites, and greys.
Here’s how to do it:

Use Different Shades

Whether you decided to work mostly with taupe, grey, or any other neutral hues, using different shades of that colour will add depth and sophistication to your room. For instance, use cream for your living room seating pieces, beige for your draperies, and taupe for your walls. Use a sophisticated dark wood centre table to complete the look.

Use Multiple High Quality Textures

When you don’t have all the stunning colours to create interest and get attention, other aspects of the space become even more important—texture is one of them. If all the pieces in your room are all microfibre and your walls are all smooth, the whole space itself would fall flat.

Play with texture. Use leather sofas and shiny satin draperies. You might also want to hire painters like to give your plain walls with an elegant finish.

Use Beautiful Shapes

Beautifying a room is mostly about colours, textures, and shapes. Removing colour from the equation not only makes texture even more important; it makes the shapes in the room catch more attention as well. Choose a pie or squash-shaped ottoman or a s-shaped side table. You might also want to add swoop armchairs, as these contrasts with the very straight lines of the floors and walls.

Use a Little Bit of Colour

Do not be afraid to add colour to your neutral palette. It won’t feel out of place; it would even add a strong punctuation to your room. Think of this: an all-white room would work best with a little hit of colour—say, a bright red centrepiece or a bright purple ottoman.

Generally, most people only associate colour with paint, patterns with fabric, and texture with accessories. When you have a neutral colour palette, it is essential to find ways to mix up this way of thinking—that’s when a room really comes to life.

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