The Bigger the City, the More Challenging the Rubbish

cityPeople from all walks of life have debated about which city is the most powerful in the world. It is as if pitting one global city against another will result in solving the planet’s problems.

Lately, London and New York have had a tug-of-war in determining once and for all which city has the biggereconomic might. While these two mega-cities arecompeting for the top spot, another more serious problem facing these and other large cities has remained largely out of the public’s awareness.

It may be depressing, but there is one problem that defines how large a city really is–garbage. Yes, that mountain of trash has become synonymous with economic growth. The more wealth people create, the more they consume. In turn, more garbage covers the planet.

The World Menace Called Garbage

When talking about the world’s garbage problem, you can easily compare its scale to something as gigantic as Mt. Everest. According to a World Bank report, the amount of rubbish the world’s cities will produce in a year will increase from 1.3 billion tonnes today to 2.25 billion tonnes by 2025.This means that governments will continue spending more just to handle all that trash.

What is most alarming is that the amount of rubbish is directly proportional to the rate of urbanization and rates of GDP. Cities in one country stood out like a sore thumb – China. Their surge in economic might is taking a toll on the environment.

A Clean Global City

Singapore, which is well within the top ten most economically powerful cities by global standards, surprisingly seems to know just how to deal with its garbage woes. Seeing the country’s sights and attractions, such as the famous waterfront where the Merlionstatue is, anyone will be impressed by how spic and span everything is.

With the use of hooklift trucks and other reliable equipment, garbage collection is not a problem in Singapore.As such, it has a reputation for being the one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Cities should put more of their efforts and resources into keeping themselves neat and clean. What reward is there in accumulating wealth and power if the citizens live in filth?

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