The Cremation Process Is Cost-Effective and Efficient

Sooner or later we all deal with death. Along the way we witness friends and family pass away. And the final disposition is a personal decision by the deceased or family members.

If the decision is cremation, there are providers in Ogden that offer various services to help in your time of grief. They have you covered from pre-planning to the choice of an urn.

What is included in cremation process?

First, a funeral director obtains an authorization from the closest surviving family members. Cremators then remove all items the family does not wish to cremate. They also detach medical devices such as a pacemaker to prevent explosions during the process.

They then place the body in a casket made of wood or a cremation box, which is a large cardboard box with a plywood bottom. The cremator container is placed in the crematory chamber and incinerated at a temperature between 1,800°F — 2,000°F.

The intense heat desiccates the corpse charring the flesh and tissues until only the bone remains. Depending on the body size, it takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to reduce the remains to just the bone.

A cremulator pulverizes the bone fragments into a sand-like texture. The cremator then transfers the remains or cremains into an urn and bestowed to the relatives of the deceased.

Why do people choose cremation?

Burial or cremation of human remains are the usual options for the final disposition when a loved one passes away. More people opt for cremation for various reasons, from cost to religious considerations.

The process is cheaper than the traditional ground burial. Cremation only requires an urn compared to a cemetery plot, casket, tombstone, and other appurtenances.

No elaborate ground burial ceremony encompasses a casket, pallbearers, viewing and so on.

An urn is smaller and easier to transport or store at home. It frees up the timeframe, and family members can hold on to the remains until there is an agreement on that to do with it, in accordance with the person’s wishes.

For a family devastated by the loss of a loved one, decisions and funeral tasks are daunting. Cremation is simpler and costs less, releasing a family from monetary encumbrances.