The Major Issues Facing Teens: What Parents Should Do To Help

family bondingFor teenagers, it’s normal to have fears, worry about things, and face real problems. Some issues experienced on a daily basis, however, are so serious that it affects their health and performance in school. As a result, the majority would choose rebellion and even hang out with the wrong crowd. When teens feel angry, they don’t know how to express it so they tend to react in a way that make parents seem powerless or helpless.

You need to understand your teens and learn how to encourage connection. You can do lots of things to help, and one of them is being familiar with the major problems they are probably facing.

Study Problems

Have you noticed a drop in marks in one of your teen’s subjects? Or is there lack of engagement or refusal to talk about school? These are some signs that your child is having problems at school. Instead of pressuring your child to aim for an A score, try to understand first the reason behind the change in behavior. The first strategy to dealing with school issues is to make them feel that they aren’t alone. Motivate, encourage, and inspire.


This is a growing problem among teenagers, which can be physical or verbal attacks. Many experience frustration and depression, especially when they get bullied online. Once your child feels bad treatment, it may turn to more harmful practices. It can be through spreading rumors, posting ruthless comments on social media or playing pranks.

If you notice some signs that your teen is struggling with bullying, perhaps it’s time to seek professional help. Child counselors in Denver note that hiring a therapist is a good way to help your teen deal with the problem before it gets out of hand. You can intervene if your child is a victim of bullying.

Body Image

You may not notice it, but your teen is probably facing issues involving body image. If your child feels fat and short or skinny and tall, it may lead to developing poor self-esteem. Just like with any other concerns, it’s important to know your child. You can improve the relationship with your teen by listening in a non-judgmental way. Keep in mind that parental involvement is the answer to addressing image problems, even before they start.

Know when you should worry about your teens. Just because you are trying to be a responsible parent doesn’t mean you should aim for perfection. Strive for better communication and getting in touch with your child’s feelings.

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