There is No Method to the Madness of Using Old Skis

Vail Ski RentalsOld skis may have their appeal, and for every owner, sentimental value. But is it still safe and reasonable to use them?

Enthusiasts of the sport will tell you that skis purchased sometime in the 80s are not safe at all, no matter the frequency of use. Even if you manage to convince your local ski shop to check them, which you probably won’t, those ancient skis might still put you in harm’s way. There is no point in arguing that the best way to find out is to try them.

Should I buy used equipment?

Just like buying a used car, it is reasonable to buy used skiing equipment only if you know their history. For example, if you have a friend who’s willing to sell you theirs, and you know how they used those skis, maybe it’s OK. But don’t push them to the limit. Unlike a used car, used skis are not likely to give you a chance to pull to the side of the road if something goes wrong.

In a related concern, you can probably buy used skis from a real dealer, as they check them for safety and usability. There are also skis you can rent, and the shop you rent them from is likely to check the skis after or before every use.

What about fit?

Now there’s a legitimate concern. What use is a pair of skis if the fit isn’t right? Skiing is a sport of speed, and when you’re going that fast you need maximum control. The right pair of skis will give you that kind of control. When you’re out checking out Vail ski prices at, remember to ask them about size as well. The staff will happily help you with this.

Old skis may “look” safe and harmless, but don’t wait to find out if they’re up to the challenge while you’re speeding down a mountain. You’re not saving money in the long run, so might as well get new skis, have them checked each time before you use them, and err on the side of caution.