Three Reasons to Buy Your First Rolex

Classic RolexEvery year, a million watches with a Rolex crown on the dial come out of Switzerland. It’s one of the most recognized luxury watches in the world and owning one evokes success and personal achievement. Different people want Rolex watches for different reasons, though.

The Rolex you buy might be your first and last, or it could be the start of a collection, so it’s important to understand what your needs are before you buy one. There are three reasons why people want to buy a Rolex and these are the following:

The Brand as Reward for Yourself

Many buy a Rolex watch as a reward for achieving a certain level of success. Choose the type carefully if it’s your first Rolex purchase.

Rolex has casual sport watches such as the Rolex Submariner ($8000) or Rolex Explorer ($5000 – $7000) that are perfect for everyday wear. A couple of models, such as Rolex Datejust II, can be a good match with your suit and tie. For divers, choose Rolex Oyster case watches—these undergo individual thorough testing in pressurized tanks to ensure quality.

The Brand to Casually Wear on Your Wrist

Some don’t want to wait for a special occasion or achievement to buy a Rolex. If you just want the feel of a Rolex brand on your wrist, choose the least expensive models like the Rolex Air King models. Find a good deal by searching for pre-owned or used watches. If you are a novice, AAA Jewelers suggests going to a reputable dealer who sells Rolex in Utah.

The Brand to Impress Others

Luxury brands work well as status symbols, and you can never go wrong with Rolex and other high-end watches when dressing to impress. Check out something studded with precious metals or perhaps diamonds, like the Rolex Day-Date II. It’s also known as the Rolex “President” and tied to an average price of $30,000.

You may be buying a luxury watch for a momentous occasion or as a reward for yourself. Regardless of the reason, there’s always a Rolex model that fits your lifestyle.

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